Offshore drilling

US cautions Turkey over Cyprus

The United States has reiterated its call to Turkey not to proceed with offshore drilling operations within Cyprus' exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and repeated its support of the Mediterranean island's right to exploit and develop its oil and gas resources.

State of stupor

The upcoming European Parliament, regional and local elections are important on many different levels. They are nevertheless not more significant than the escalating threats against the country's national sovereignty.

WWF directors urge Greek PM to phase out oil and gas operations

The Greek director of the WWF conservation group was on Tuesday joined by his counterparts from France, Spain and Italy as they expressed their "grave concern" over the potential development of new onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling projects in Western Greece.

Gov't approves Exxon, Total, Energean bids

Greece approved applications submitted by a consortium of Total, ExxonMobil and Hellenic Petroleum for oil and gas exploration and drilling off the island of Crete, its Energy Ministry said on Friday.

The ministry also approved an application submitted by Greece's sole oil producer Energean Oil for offshore drilling in western Greece, the ministry said.

Oil Found in Bulgarian Black Sea Offshore Drilling

Bulgaria's Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev has announced that oil was found in the Khan Asparuh block during offshore drilling earlier this year.

Donchev has not elaborated his remarks at the opening of a tripartite meeting of government, employers, and unions.

A source of (a website of Novinite Group) working in the public sector has confirmed the news.