Jobs market displays resilience

The Greek labor market showed strong resistance in July, as although the end of the school term and classes in private education resulted in the loss of 25,867 jobs in the sector and a total of 8,294 jobs across the economy, in the seven months of January to July a historic record was set with regard to hiring versus layoffs, with the creation of 296,624 new jobs.

Bulgaria's Labor Market during Pandemic as Reflected by Tuk-Tam Career Hive Forum

IT experts, marketing managers, people employed at outsourcing companies, business consultants and financial advisors are among the most demanded specialists at present, indicate data of a poll conducted by Radio Bulgaria during the 2021 edition of Tuk-Tam Career Hive forum held in Bulgaria's capital Sofia.

Yoana Madzharova, Operations Manager at HRS Bulgaria: Finding the Right Managers is Becoming a Real Challenge


Yoana Madzharova is the Operations Manager at the leading recruitment agency in Bulgaria - HRS Bulgaria. She graduated Administration and management at the New Bulgarian University and is certified by Thomas International, Extended DISC and McQuaig psychometric assessment systems.

Large and Medium Enterprises in Bulgaria have Resumed their Activities

Nearly 90 percent of large and medium-sized enterprises affected by the Covid-19 crisis have fully or partially resumed operations in the first week after the lifting of the state of emergency.

This is shown by the data from the CITUB monitoring of over 100 companies in the whole country, announced the national secretary of the union Todor Kapitanov.

A million employees of businesses closed by state live on 800-euro stipend

The coronavirus pandemic in only two months has already had a devastating effect on Greek labour as the stupefying data to date confirm and this is just the beginning.

In a country with a population of only 11 million the state-ordered lockdown closed 206,000 businesses which employ a total of over one million people.

Boeing is Considering Cutting 10% of its Employees

Boeing, a US aircraft giant, is considering a plan to cut about 10% of its employees, as the company is experiencing serious difficulties because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wall Street Journal reports.

According to a financial statement, the aircraft manufacturer's plan includes early retirement, but also forced redundancies mainly in its commercial area.

5 Reasons Why to Outsource Software Development

When digging in for any information about software development outsourcing, you can find plenty of articles about the most common reasons why to outsource software development. On the other hand, you can find loads of texts about potential risks and threats coming along outsourcing. This topic, however, is worth a deeper analysis.

The Outsourcing Sector Accounts for 2.4% of the Country's Labor Market

The outsourced industry is among the best employers in Bulgaria. The outsourcing sector in Bulgaria accounts for 2.4% of the country's labor market, employing more than 67,300 people, and by 2021 their number is expected to exceed 79,000 people. This shows the data from the last annual report on the development of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association's industry, quoted by