With Intensified Interest and with the Active Support of BSMEPA, 1st Southeast European Innovation, Technology and Sourcing Summit was Held

The 1st Southeast European Innovation, Technology and Sourcing Summit took place with the active support of the Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency and with great interest from the business.

Two P&O vessels to be reflagged to Cyprus

British ferry and shipping freight operator P&O is reviewing its UK-registered fleet and is already reflagging two vessels to keep European Union tax arrangements ahead of Britain's departure from the bloc, the company said.

A P&O spokesman said two of its UK ships operating on the English Channel route to France would be reflagged to Cyprus.


Bank of Cyprus plans voluntary layoffs in 2019

Voluntary layoffs are reportedly expected next year with most credit institutions effecting a reduction in their employee numbers. The first large voluntary exit program, according to Kathimerini, is expected to be implemented by Bank of Cyprus, although guidelines and provisions for the layoffs have not been finalized yet.

Bulgaria Ranks 1st in Europe, 3rd Worldwide in Direct Foreign Investments in Outsourcing

According to the annual ranking of Business Process Outsourcing and Shared Service Location Index 2015, Bulgaria is third in the world in terms of direct foreign investments attracted in the outsourcing sector and ranks first in Europe, stated Economy Minister Bozhidar Lukarski at the opening of the annual conference of the leaders of the European Outsourcing Association.

Bulgaria's Attractiveness as Offshoring Destination Drops

According to the global management consulting firm A. T. Kearney, the attractiveness of Bulgaria as an offshoring destination dropped.

This is shown by the seventh edition of Kearney's Global Services Location Index released earlier this week.

In the latest index Bulgaria ranks 12th, with the country having dropped three positions from its 2014 standing.