Playing games with the armed forces

Greece should not return to the past when, for many years, cronyism dominated the promotion policy in the armed and security forces, causing great damage. Back then, it was much more important whose "team" an officer was in and which politician he had a close relationship with, rather than how capable he really was.

All sides have contributed to the maturing of Greek democracy

Citizens - the majority of whom are addicted to partisan absolutism and accusations against rivals for the destruction that they (alone) have wreaked on the country - might feel perplexed by an assessment of modern Greek history that acknowledges the contribution of all sides to the country's political, economic and social progress.

Breaking bad habits

The message being sent by efforts to reduce spending and waste in the Greek Parliament is absolutely the right one.

Citizens have a right to feel secure in the knowledge that its representatives have all the means and staff available to them that are necessary for them to carry out their duties.