Olympic Flame

Olympic flame to take seaborne journey to 2024 Paris Games

The Olympic flame is going for a sail.

Instead of arriving overland, the symbolic flame alighting the 2024 Paris Games will take to the seas from its birthplace in Greece, arriving aboard a three-masted tall ship in the French port of Marseille.

Paris organizers announced the flame's journey on Friday at City Hall in Marseille, a former Greek colony founded 2,600 years ago.

Beijing set for 100-day Olympic countdown but boycott calls, virus weigh

Beijing marks 100 days until the Winter Olympics on Wednesday but preparations for the Games have been overshadowed by boycott calls and a fresh coronavirus outbreak in China.

The Chinese capital in February will become the first host of a Summer and Winter Games and last week welcomed the Olympic flame with a low-key ceremony as the main event swings into view.

Tokyo Olympics Come to End

Although not without its problems, most notably the absence of fans from venues in the Japanese capital, coronavirus has been a merciful sideshow to displays of sporting greatness.

Everyone involved will keep their fingers firmly crossed that the Olympics in three years' time will be able to be held in normal circumstances.

Maria Moscholiou, longest-serving High Priestess, dies

Maria Moscholiou, who became famous for playing the role of High Priestess during several Olympic flame lighting ceremonies, has died, reports said Wednesday.

Moscholiou, who studied drama at the Greek National Theater, performed the role for four consecutive summer Games: Mexico 1968, Munich 1972, Montreal 1976 and Moscow 1980