Congo | Athens | February 12-14

Congolese choreographer Faustin Linyekula presents his latest work, "Congo," on stage at the Onassis Stegi. "Congo" is a politically oriented performance which mixes singing, dancing and oral storytelling and recounts the history of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Linyekula's home country, especially its brutal colonization.

New Choreographers Festival | Athens | January 28 - February 2

The Onassis Stegi launches the New Choreographers Festival on Tuesday, January 28, which is set to run through February 2. Eight works from young Greek choreographers have been selected to take part in the festival. The experimental choreographies explore new aspects of space and sound and blur the lines between pure dance and performance art. The festival takes places at the Onassis Stegi.

Lenio Kaklea | Athens | January 10-12

In the latest part of her "Practical Encyclopedia" project, titled "Detours," choreographer Lenio Kaklea explores the everyday gestures and activities of European people. The work emerged from 600 interviews that the Paris-based Greek conducted back in 2016 which enabled her to form a series of narratives about the habits, rituals and transactional mores of her interviewees.

Granma: Trombones from Havana | Athens | December 19-21

German theater group Rimini Protokoll comes to Athens with its latest documentary play, produced by Stefan Kaegi to mark the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. The play, essentially a dialogue between the past and the future, recreates the utopian vision of the Cuban Revolution, and its disappointments, with history rewritten by the grandchildren of Castro and his comrades.