Online payments

Mobile Is the Most Popular Payment Method in Bulgaria

Across the world, digital payment methods are becoming increasingly widespread. Where once cash was king, consumers are now turning to methods that offer greater flexibility. They no longer want to have pockets full of change or make frequent trips to their nearest ATM; rather, they like to know they have constant access to their money at the click of a button.

Romania's e-commerce market exceeds 7bn euros last year (payment processor)

The local e-commerce market reached 7 billion euros last year, up 36% compared to 2019, according to internal and external data analyzed by PayU, the leader of Romania's online payment market. "E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors, and Romania is no exception, registering an accelerated evolution, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which would normally have occurred in years.

New solution in modern payment technologies

ZEN, a licensed European startup offering financial solutions based on modern payment technologies, on Monday announced its official launch in Greece.

The new solution, supported by Mastercard, ensures that both consumers and entrepreneurs have a worry-free experience while managing their payments and shopping transactions, thanks to the unique benefits and extra security.

First in Bulgaria: Postbank Offers New Generation Mastercard UNIVERSE

On the eve of its 30th anniversary, Postbank launched the a new generation credit card. The crediting institution is the first bank in Bulgaria to market a MasterCard UNIVERSE metal credit card. Once again, the bank proves its position as an innovator in the sector and manages to offer its customers a product of the highest class.

PayPal Quarterly Payments Jump 85% in Three Years to Hit 3.2 billion in March 2020

Smart devices and a booming global eCommerce market have driven the rapid adoption of digital payments worldwide. Digital payments have changed the payment industry traditionally dominated by cash and credit cards, offering consumers lower fees and faster transfers at the touch of a button.

Fintech Startups Are Going to Take a Lot of Banks’ Revenue

The global payment business, which covers everything from card payments to remittances abroad, will generate about $ 1.5 trillion this year, according to Accenture. But new players are entering the market, reports. Now banks dominate the payments sector, but by 2025, when that market grows to $ 2 trillion, banks can lose $ 280 billion, or about 15% of the total payment revenue.

Amazon Closes its Online Shopping Platform in China

The global online e-commerce store admits that support for third-country traders in the mainland of the world's second-largest economy will be halted, reported

In view of the pressure from competitors, Inc. said on Thursday that it is planned "operational corrections" in China to "focus more on cross-border sales."