Online shopping

Stores eager for new system

The market is eager to see all brick-and-mortar stores reopen as early as possible, even if it is with the shopping by appointment system - dubbed "click inside" - that the government appears to be leaning towards at this stage. This may be the only way for retailers to contain massive turnover losses from the months-long lockdowns.

Consumer Protection Expert: Communicate with e-Shops in Writing

Consumers are increasingly sensitive about their rights, Dimitar Margaritov, Chairman of the Consumer Protection Commission (CPC), told BNR. Consumer legislation in Bulgaria is good, however, in certain sectors it is catching up with real life, he commented, giving an example of claims for defective goods within the warranty period.

Bookshops, salons open as other stores start curtsied pickups

A bookstore prepares for Monday's opening with a limit of four customers per 100 square meters. Hair salons also open Monday. Visits to both can be done only by appointment. Also Monday, retail stores will inaugurate the click-and-collect system, which allows customers to physically pick up items they have bought online or by phone.