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Afghan boy aged 5 killed by truck near Moria migrant camp

A 5-year-old Afghan boy was accidentally run over by a truck near the migrant and refugee camp of Moria on the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos on Tuesday.

According to preliminary reports from state broadcaster ERT, the boy was inside a cardboard box that the truck driver ran over while turning into the parking lot of a business where he was making a delivery.

Facebook Has Bought a Startup which Is Exploring Ways to Control Computers with Brain Signals

Facebook has announced that it has bought New York-based startup CTRL-labs, which is exploring ways for people to communicate with computers using brain signals, Reuters reported.

The CNB estimates the deal at $ 1 billion, citing a well-informed source.

Facebook AR / VR Vice President Andrew Bosworth announced the deal in a message on the social network.

Mark Zuckerberg Met Donald Trump at the White House

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg had a "good, constructive meeting" with US President Donald Trump at the White House yesterday, the company quoted by the DPA.

A Facebook spokesman said in an email that Zuckerberg is in Washington for meetings with politicians discussing future regulations on the Internet.

Gordan Duhacek: Croatia has Never Fully Resolved Free Speech

"The issue of freedom of speech in Croatia has never really been fully resolved, nor is Croatian society mature enough to lead such discussion," Duhacek told BIRN, noting the different criteria by which people can be prosecuted in the country for written or spoken words.

Satirical song 'offended nation's morals':

Photo: Illustration. EPA-EFE/CLEMENS BILAN.

Croatia: Portal "Index" journalist arrested for "two tweets"

Duhacek went on his own to an interview at the police station at Heinzelova Street last night, but was arrested at Franjo Tudjman airport this morning, the Index reports.
Duhacek was apprehended for two Twitter posts, adding the portal, while one tweet was posted last May and the other a few weeks ago.

Facebook Consider the Idea to Hide Its Like Counter

The social network Facebook is considering hiding its like counter, TechCrunch reported.

The magazine notes that tests for this feature have already started on Instagram in seven countries, including Canada and Brazil. Instead of the total number of likes, users are shown only a few names of mutual friends who liked the post.