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6,986 Candidates for Bulgaria's 45th National Assembly, 2,073 Women and 4,913 Men

Of the 6,986 candidates for Bulgaria's 45th Parliament, 2,073 are women and 4,913 are men. A total of 1,035 candidates have been registered in two regions, well over the 668 in the previous parliamentary elections in 2017, Dimitar Dimitrov, a member and spokesman for the Central Election Commission, told reporters on Sunday.

Valicon poll shows people becoming more inclined to get vaccinated

Ljubljana – More than two thirds of respondents in the most recent Valicon survey do not trust the rapid antigen tests used across the country. The people’s trust in the government’s anti-coronavirus measures continues to slide, while the number of those who intend to get vaccinated is rising, the survey suggests.

Orban’s ‘National Consultation’ Seeks to Set Hungary’s Political Agenda

Hungary's government on Monday launched Prime Minister Viktor Orban's eighth 'national consultation', which critics describe as a tool to create the illusion of popular consent for his controversial policies.

National consultations look like opinion polls, are sent to every household, and usually contain a list of questions.

Poll shows migration, virus have Greeks worried

A new opinion poll carried out by the firm Pulse for Skai has found that most Greeks are worried about the new migration crisis at the country's border with Turkey as well as the coronavirus.

Specifically, the poll found that 83 percent of respondents are worried about the developments at the Greek-Turkish land border, with 62 percent saying they are "very worried."

Tsipras eyeing more than 25 percent

Almost all the public opinion polls in the runup to Sunday's snap election see New Democracy beating SYRIZA by a margin of 8-10 percentage points. No polling company dares stray from this prediction after the debacle of hugely mistaken estimations made by some as regards the government's performance in the European elections.