Senate extraordinary plenary session informed about Treasury loans for local authorities

The Senate convened today in an extraordinary plenary session to be informed about the Government's Emergency Ordinance approving Treasury loans for the local authorities. The Social Democratic Party (PSD) and Alliance for the Unity of Romanians parliamentary groups did not vote, the meeting secretary said. The Senate is the first Chamber to be notified about the regulatory act.

PSD's Rafila: Emergency ordinance transferring hospital beds to lead to lower financing of public hospitals

PSD MP Alexandru Rafila said on Friday that the emergency ordinance transferring a number of hospital beds from the public to the private system will have the effect of reducing funding for public hospitals, but also the establishment of a co-payment that many cannot afford.

PM Citu: Emergency Ordinance on freezing of pension point for 2021, adopted by Government

The Government approved the emergency ordinance on reducing structural expenditures, which provides, among other things, for maintaining the value of the pension point at 1,442 lei in 2021 and eliminating the 30 percent COVID bonus granted to Prefecture staff, Prime Minister Florin Citu announced, on Thursday.

PM Citu: Salaries and bonuses in the public sector to stay at the December 20 level

 Prime Minister Florin Citu on Wednesday said that the salaries and bonuses of the central and local public administration staff, including of those holding public offices, will remain at the level of December 2020 next year. "Related to the ordinance initiated by the Ministry of Public Finance, this ordinance ensures a budget saving of almost 17.6 billion lei for 2021.

FinMin Citu: Gov't to approve this Friday emergency ordinance paving way for budget adjustment

The government will approve this Friday an emergency ordinance introducing certain amendments required for carrying out the budget adjustment, Finance Minister Florin Citu declared on Thursday upon leaving the opening of the Bucharest Stock Exchange trading session, in reply to reporters' questions as to which ministries will receive more money at the upcoming budget revision.

PNL's Roman says taxation of special state pensions must be done in Parliament to avoid being challenged

Taxing special state pensions must be done in Parliament, because an emergency ordinance issued by the government to regulate the matter is open to being challenged by the Ombudsman with the Constitutional Court, National Liberal Party (PNL) floor leader in the Chamber of Deputies Florin Roman said on Wednesday.

Olguta Vasilescu: PSD to submit censure motion if Gov't modifies pension law by emergency ordinance

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) will submit a motion of censure if the Government modifies the pension law by emergency ordinance, announced, on Thursday, the Social Democrat deputy Lia Olguta Vasilescu, following the meeting of the party's leadership.

EconMin Popescu: Government approves emergency ordinance to support large energy consumers

The government approved an emergency ordinance on Thursday to support large energy consumers, this being an amendment to the ordinance that allowed the support of 15 branches of industry, said on Thursday the Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment, Virgil Popescu, at the end of the government meeting.

CCR's Dorneanu: Fundamental rights could not be affected by an emergency ordinance, law is needed

The President of the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR), Valer Dorneanu, told Thursday evening private television broadcaster Antena3, that the fundamental human rights cannot be affected by an emergency ordinance, and that the measures on the restriction of fundamental rights and freedoms to be valid, a law should have been drafted.