Oregon Zoo

Oldest Magellanic penguin at San Francisco Zoo dies at 40

The oldest Magellanic penguin at the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens, one of the oldest penguins living under human care anywhere in the world, died on June 6 at the age of 40, the zoo reported.

The estimated age of the male, called Captain Eo, was well over the species' average life expectancy of 20 to 30 years, the zoo said in a statement.

Turkey’s zoo delighted at Asian elephant’s birth

The İzmir Natural Life Park has announced the arrival of a new baby animal whose species is at risk in its respective natural habitat: A healthy Asian elephant.

Begümcan, a 25-year-old elephant, gave birth to a female calf in the zoo's protected facility and delighted zookeepers, zoo officials told reporters.

No name has been given to the baby elephant yet.

Lions, Tigers, Jaguar Escape German Zoo in Lünebach

BBC - Two lions, two tigers and a jaguar have escaped from a zoo in Lünebach in western Germany, police have said.

Local authorities advised residents to stay inside their homes and call police if they see anything. A massive hunt is under way for the five big cats.

A bear had also escaped from the privately owned Eifel zoo, but was shot dead, a local official told AFP.