Cats of woman who died in İzmir earthquake adopted by new families

The cats of a woman who died in the 6.6-magntitude earthquake that hit Turkey's Aegean coast on Oct. 30 have been adopted after they underwent treatment.

Süheyla Erdönmez died under the wreckage of the eight-story Rıza Bey Apartment in Bayraklı district, which collapsed to the ground due to weak infrastructure after the earthquake that killed 116 people and wounded 1,034 people.

The Good News: A Man from Ruse Makes Wheelchairs for Dogs and Cats

A man from Ruse, Bulgaria, makes wheelchairs for dogs and cats.

Walkers are a donation for sick, old or victims of human cruelty animals. Wheelchairs are donations for sick, old or victims of human cruelty animals.


Roro is 12 years old dog - too old for his breed. The puppy was completely immobilized, and the doctors could no longer find a way out.

You Can Now See "Baby Dragons" in Slovenija

Slithering through their subterranean aquarium, three "baby dragons" have gone on display in a Slovenian cave, where they hatched in 2016 in a rare successful breeding, officials said Thursday. 

Only 30 visitors per day will be allowed to visit the so-called baby dragons -- ancient underwater predators that can live up to 100 years and only breed once in a decade.

Cyclist attacked by pack of dogs in Seih Sou forest

Local authorities in the northern port city of Thessaloniki have sounded the alarm over the increasing frequency of stray dogs attacking people.
According to reports on Thursday, the latest incident was last Monday, when a cyclist was attacked by a pack of 10 dogs in the Seih Sou forest.
"I would have been killed if a car hadn't passed by and helped me," he said.

Small carnivorous dinosaur discovered

Fossilized remains of a new species of dinosaur that lived 90 million years ago have been discovered in Patagonia, Argentine paleontologists announced on June 4. 

The winged dinosaur had legs similar to the velociraptor and experts believe it may hold the key to revealing information about the evolution of birds.

Mexican Zoo - Refuge for Animals During the Pandemic

- Kira, the tiger -

Kira, a two and a half year-old tiger, arrived at a zoo in Mexico's northeast in April after her owner could no longer feed her due to the coronavirus-induced economic collapse.

The imposing 130-kilogram tigress was sedated and transported in a cage by truck to her new home in Culiacan zoo in Sinaloa state.

Mass Killing of Elephants in Ethiopia

Poachers have killed at least six elephants in a single day in Ethiopia, wildlife officials said on Tuesday, the largest such slaughter in memory in the east African nation.
The elephants died last week, when they ventured out of the Mago National Park in the far south of Ethiopia to drink water, Ganabul Bulmi, the park's chief warden, told reporters.

Over 40% of the Bulgarian Oil-Bearing Rose Crop Will be Unharvested

"There is a clear result of inaction and problems accumulated over the years. We are told that we have to manage on our own, because we are in a market economy situation, while in Turkey this industry has state support, but this displaces us on world markets ...'. This is what the rose processor Metodi Stefanov commented to BNR.