Woman fined for leaving her cat on street

A woman who left her kitten under a tree has been caught by police teams and has been punished with a fine of 2,724 Turkish Liras.

The woman, identified only by the initials S.Ç., who left her newborn cat under a tree on the boulevard in the eastern province of Elazığ, was fined 2,724 liras for the crime of "abandoning pets."

Byzantines cast spells with dolphin oil, says expert

The Byzantines hunted dolphins and used dolphin oil in the pharmaceutical industry, in oil lamps and in some superstitious works, said Vedat Onar, professor at Istanbul University, examining animal bones unearthed in archaeological excavations at Istanbul's Haydarpaşa, a historic train station on the Asian side.

They used dolphin oil to cast spells, according to Onar.

İnönü vessel becomes hope in fight against mucilage in Marmara Sea

With no signs of mucilage and the reproduction of an endangered species, the submerged İnönü vessel has become a light of hope to experts that the Marmara Sea is "not dying."

The İnönü vessel, which was submerged in 2013 off the northwestern province of Kocaeli's Karamürsel district, was covered with heavy layers of mucilage in June 2021.

Family accuses municipality workers drugging, seizing dogs

A family in the northwestern province of Kocaeli has accused the municipality workers of "raiding their single-family house," "drugging and seizing their dogs from the garden" without their consent.

Showing surveillance camera footage that displays the municipality workers carrying the "fainting" dogs, the Ataman family made a denunciation on June 14.

Fishing might doom the last of the vaquitas: Study

Vaquita porpoises are on the edge of extinction, with just 10 left in their sole habitat within Mexico's Gulf of California.

However, a new study published in the journal Science offers some hope: the world's rarest marine mammals aren't doomed by a lack of genetic diversity, and can recover if illegal "gillnet" fishing ceases immediately.

Prison for a man who beat a woman and a dog in Zemun? VIDEO

Lawyer Vojin aji, psychotherapist Milena Milanovi and eljko Stoji from the Association for the Protection of Animals "Alfa" spoke more about the attack of the man who beat up a woman and her dog in Zemun, for TV Prva.
An eyewitness from the video confirmed in a press release that the video does not show the whole event.