Organizations designated as terrorist by Canada

Biden calls for 'pause' in Hamas-Israel fighting

President Joe Biden, when responding to a heckler at a Minnesota campaign event Wednesday night, said he thinks there should be a humanitarian "pause" in the Israeli-Hamas war to get "prisoners" out of Gaza.

The 80-year-old Democrat was delivering remarks to some 200 supporters in the northern US state when a member of the audience shouted out to him.

Hamas announced the end: "We will repeat October 7 until Israel is annihilated" VIDEO

Hamas official Ghazi Hamad, a member of the Hamas Political Bureau and Deputy Prime Minister of Hamas, said in an interview with Lebanon's LBC TV that Hamas will continue to repeat the operation 'Al-Aqsa Deluge' on October 7, in which over 1,400 people were brutally killed and over 200 people kidnapped in Gaza, time and again until Israel is "annihilated".

Ankara, Tehran discuss ways to prevent the conflict from spreading to the region

Turkish and Iranian top diplomats urged that the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas can spread to the other parts of the region as armed non-state actors may no longer be controlled if Israel's atrocities against the civilians are not stopped.

Hamas Permits Foreigners from Bulgaria and Other Nations to Leave Gaza as Egypt Opens Border

The Islamist movement Hamas has granted permission for foreigners from Bulgaria, as well as seven other countries, to depart the Gaza Strip. This information was made public through an official document, complete with names and passport numbers, which was shared on the Facebook page of the Border Traffic Service.

Turkey’s path of no return, away from the West

In the conflict between Israel and Hamas, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made his choice. At first, he appeared to be ambivalent and maintain a relative balance (it should be noted that he had not unequivocally condemned the attack by Hamas), but over time his views became clear and more aggressive towards Israel, the West and the United States.

Pakistan Sets November 1st Ultimatum for Undocumented Foreign Residents, Sparking Migration Crisis

Pakistan has issued a significant ultimatum, setting November 1, 2023, as the deadline for all undocumented foreigners living in the country to leave or face forced expulsion. This announcement has sent shockwaves through the community of more than 4 million Afghan migrants and refugees residing in Pakistan.

Greece along with 13 other EU countries abstain from UN Gaza resolution

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on Friday afternoon calling for an "immediate, durable, and sustained humanitarian truce" between Israeli forces and Hamas militants in Gaza. Four EU countries voted against the resolution; Greece and 13 other EU countries abstained.