Olympus eyes UNESCO list

Greece has submitted the nomination file of Mount Olympus for inclusion in UNESCO's list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites. 

"Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in our country, is linked to ancient mythology, to Homer, to the history of Greece throughout the centuries. The home of the gods is one of the strongest Greek brand names," said Culture Minister Lina Mendoni.

French PM says pension age hike ‘non-negotiable’ as strikes loom

France's prime minister has ruled out backtracking on a plan to raise the retirement age as unions prepared for another day of mass protests and strikes against the contested reform.

An increase in the minimum retirement age to 64 from the current 62 is part of a flagship reform package pushed by President Emmanuel Macron to ensure the future financing of France's pensions system.

Disproportionate rise in Greek food prices

Eurostat figures show lower food inflation in Greece than the European average, but higher price increases in food that this country is self-sufficient in.

Is this yet another Greek paradox or the result of the structural problems of the Greek market and the various distortions that still exist throughout the production, distribution and marketing chain, from the field to the shelf? 

Ursula von der Leyen: Strengthening the Bulgarian-Turkish Border is a Priority

"Strengthening the key external borders of the EU, with the Bulgarian-Turkish border being a priority." This is what European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in a letter to European leaders, in which she lists measures to deal with illegal migration.

Government should ‘stick to the budget targets’

The Greek government, as well as the one that will emerge after the spring elections, must stick to the goal of returning to primary surpluses, make a "prudent" adjustment of minimum wage levels, while keeping in place targeted and growth-friendly support measures if it wants to keep the economy on track, the head of the International Monetary Fund's European Department, Alfred Kammer, has told

Krka sales, profit at all-time high in 2022

The Slovenian pharma group Krka generated record high sales revenue and profit last year. Revenue was up by 10% to €1.7 billion and net profit rose by 17% to €361 million, according to unaudited results released by the company on 26 January.

Krka saw sales going up in most of its key markets and across all product and service segments.