Organized crime

Europol announces arrest of money laundering suspect in Athens

A "notorious money launderer" who cleaned "the dirty money of the world's foremost criminals" was arrested late last month in Athens, Europol, the EU police agency, has announced.

The arrest, on 31 May, followed a long investigation by Dutch police into the activities of the underground banker, who operated in the Netherlands.

Europol: 28 Arrested for Smuggling Migrants via Bulgaria and Romania

Europol has supported the Romanian Border Police (Poliția Română de Frontera) in dismantling an organized crime group involved in migrant smuggling. The Bulgarian General Directorate Combating Organised Crime (Главна Дирекция Организирана Престъпност) and the German Federal Police in Waidhaus (Bundespolizeiinspektion Waidhaus) were also involved in the operation.

Bulgaria’s Prosecutor General in front of the Legal Commission: I am Not Afraid, I will Not Allow Myself to be Afraid

Without debate, with 19 votes "for", without a single "against" and "abstentions", the Legal Committee of the Parliament approved in the second reading the amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code, introducing a mechanism of control over the Prosecutor General.

After Mykonos

When the authorities are willing, the laws are enforced. This was clearly seen in the case of the popular holiday island of Mykonos. 

The state has the necessary tools and power to fight against lawlessness. What was missing? Obviously the political will to do so, at all levels, and government officials who are not tempted by easy money and are not afraid.

Brazen lawlessness

The daily strikes of organized crime networks are signs of a brazenness that can only be attributed to a sense of impunity on the part of these gangs.

The organized state is not allowed to continue to remain idle. It is also not acceptable that enforcement of the law and other core functions of the state should be suspended during the pre-election period

Montenegro Senior Police Official Arrested for Alleged Crime Ties

Montenegrin police director assistant Dejan Knezevic in his office in Podgorica. Photo: Government of Montenegro

Knezevic was arrested as part of a large-scale investigation of police links with the notorious Kavac drug gang, which has led to 12 current and ex-police officers' arrests and to national warrants for the arrest of three others.

Bulgarian Police found a Painting by Jackson Pollock that could be worth 50 Million Euros

A painting by the world-famous artist Jackson Pollock was discovered in Bulgaria during an operation by the Main Directorate "Fighting Organized Crime" and the Greek anti-organized crime services under the coordination of Europol. This was reported by the Bulgarian National Radio from its sources. According to experts, the price of such a painting can reach millions of euros.