Organized crime

Senior Officer of National Police Service Faces Criminal Charges

Criminal charges are pressed against head of the department in the National Police Service, Nova TV reported.

The head of the cultural and historical values sector at the General Directorate National Police (GDNP) Angel Papalezov has been charged after last night's raid on his office and home. The charges are for participating in an organized crime group.

Supreme Judicial Council Adopts Declaration against Closure of Specialized Courts

The Plenum of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) Thursday voted, 18-3, to adopt a declaration against the closure of the specialized criminal courts and prosecution offices as proposed by legislative revisions which did not reach a plenary debate before President Rumen Radev dissolved Parliament on Wednesday. The discussion on the declaration lasted two hours.

Western Balkan Civil Society Avoiding Fight Against Corruption, Crime: Report

Only around 1 per cent of Civil Society Organisations, CSOs, in the Western Balkans work in the field of anti-corruption and organised crime, a report by from the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, GI-TOC, launched on Monday, concluded.

JusMin: Criminal groups must be hit where hurts them the most, in their money flows

The Minister of Justice, Stelian Ion, on Friday, on the occasion of the presentation of DIICOT's (Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism) activity report for 2020, that criminal groups "must be hit where hurts them the most, where the money is." "We must work to block the flow of money and then to recover the damage and the proceeds of crime because criminal groups must be