Sixteen prominent legal experts blast chief prosecutor’s intervention on ADAE

Sixteen prominent constitutional law professors have strongly criticised Greece's chief prosecutor Isidoros Dogiakos after he issued a controversial legal opinion arguing that the independent authority responsible for privacy, ADAE, cannot conduct audits of telecommunication companies to find out who is under surveillance by the country's intelligence agency.

Privacy watchdog cannot investigate phone taps, says top court prosecutor

Recent legislative changes introduced in the wake of the phone-tapping scandal mean that the independent Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ADAE) no longer has the authority to respond to requests by citizens regarding whether they were put under surveillance for national security reasons, a Supreme Court prosecutor said in an opinion issued on Tuesday.

Telekom Slovenije faces €123 million class action lawsuit

An association of small shareholders has filed a class action lawsuit against Telekom Slovenije, Slovenia’s leading telecommunications provider, over what it argues are unwarranted unilateral price hikes over the past five years. It is planning similar suits against other providers.

Hellenic Post manages 70% of Amazon parcels in Greece

Completing one year from the start of their cooperation with Amazon, Hellenic Post responded to the challenge, delivering 95% of the parcels within or earlier than the relevant deadlines. Today, they manage on a monthly basis 70% of the European volume of the company, which reaches Greece through the Croatian hub.

Türk Telekom’s subsrcipton base expands to 51.4 million

The number of Türk Telekom's subscribers rose to 51.4 million, while the company revised up its revenue, profit and investment forecasts for 2021, according to the company's third-quarter results announced on Nov. 3.

Türk Telekom, Turkey's prominent telecommunications company, has 14.1 million broadband customers as of the end of September, the statement said.

Hearing Postponed: North Macedonia Telecoms Scandal Ten Years in Court

The alleged wrongdoing went back even further than 2011.

MakTel once dominated the mobile market in North Macedonia, operating since 2001 as a joint venture between the state and Magyar Telekom, the Hungarian subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. Its only competitor was the far smaller Cosmote network.