Ottoman Empire

Turkey marks 567th anniversary of conquest of Istanbul

Turkey on May 29 marked the Ottoman conquest of Istanbul on its 567th anniversary with a series of events.

Sultan Mehmet II conquered the city from where the Byzantines ruled the Eastern Roman Empire for more than 1,000 years.

The conquest transformed the city, once the heart of the Byzantine realm, into the capital of the new Ottoman Empire.

Turkey’s vice president marks Ottoman victory in WWI

Turkey's vice president on April 29 commemorated 104th anniversary of the historic Ottoman army victory over British forces during the World War I.

"I commemorate all our martyrs with respect and mercy on the 104th anniversary of Kut al-Amara victory, one of the epics of our glorious army full of historical victories," Fuat Oktay said on Twitter.

‘Çanakkale is impassable’

A battle with only bayonets. Maybe 30 steps far away from the enemy. No rifles, no artillery, no proper arms. Only scarce sources and morale force and, of course, a great commander to make all this possible, Mustafa Kemal. These are what the Turkish army had when they fought against the victorious Allies in Çanakkale.

EU-Turkey relations: Op-ed

With the latest worrying developments in the international scene, I believe it is time for the EU to rethink its policy approach towards Turkey. Both Turkey and the EU face the same difficulties, especially at the moment in the Middle East.