Outdoor recreation

Official dons wingsuit every day to get home

An official working at a cable car facility in Fethiye's Mount Babadağ flies his way to his house in his wingsuit every day after work.

Cengiz Koçak began parachuting in 1991 by jumping off from airplanes when he was a cadet and became a free-type paratrooper while serving as a non-commissioned officer in the Kayseri 1st Commando Brigade.

Some 289 bird species observed in Turkey this year

A total of 289 bird species have been reported in Turkey, according to an official statement on May 13.

This ranks Turkey 31st among 191 countries, said the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks in a statement released on World Migratory Bird Day, observed each year on the second weekend of May.

One hiker found dead on Cretan mountain

One of two hikers who had been trapped by snow and ice since Wednesday while trekking on Psiloritis Mountain in central Crete was found dead by members of the Special Disaster Unit (EMAK) rescue team on Thursday.

The two young hikers, aged 18 and 20, started their hike on Wednesday morning, state-run news agency ANA-MPA reported.

Climbing: Jernej Kruder claims European bouldering title

Moscow – Slovenian sports climber Jernej Kruder became the new European bouldering champion in Moscow on Monday, claiming the first ever European title for Slovenian men’s climbing.

Kruder, who will turn 30 on 5 December, so far had a silver medal from the 2014 World Championship and the overall Bouldering World Cup win in 2018 to show for himself.