Outline of Kosovo

Twelve Years In Dependence Leave Kosovo Facing Foggy Future

To date, Kosovo has been recognised by over 100 UN member states and is member of dozens of international and regional bodies. Early recognition by the United States and most European powers set it on a positive trajectory, which influenced other states to also recognise it. The more recognitions Kosovo secured, the more it created the conditions and momentum for further recognitions.

Media: Another country to withdraw Kosovo's recognition

Unless unforeseen changes occur, it will be the 18th country to change the decision to recognize an independent Kosovo.
The Serbian state leadership has been pressed in recent weeks by Western power centers to give up lobbying for recognition, and for Pristina to repeal its anti-civilization decision on the tariffs for the products from Serbia.

Balkan Leaders Congratulate Johnson on UK Election Victory

Leaders in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Serbia on Friday warmly congratulated British Conservative Party leader Boris Jonson on his striking victory in the UK parliamentary elections. Johnson, who took power in July after toppling a minority government led by Theresa May, called the election on a pledge to "get Brexit done" if he won a majority.

Vucic: We will strive to find all missing persons

Serbia's President made this statement during a visit to the Association of Families of Kidnapped and Missing Persons in Kosovo and Metohija.
He left this message in a memorial book of the Association, where some of the members passed on to him some of the tragic stories in Kosovo and Metohija, of their beloved ones who were gone missing or killed in the period from 1998 to 2004.