PMP's Paleologu: Romania needs president "open to dialogue, who will restore dignity of state

Romania needs a president "open to dialogue, who will restore the dignity of the state, Romania's credibility abroad, will restore respect for Romania and for Romanians and, last but not least, will reinstate social peace," said on Thursday Theodor Paleologu, the candidate of the People's Movement Party (PMP) in the November presidential elections, upon submitting his candidacy at the Central E

PMP's Paleologu: No matter how big the posters, they can't hide the emperor is naked

People's Movement Party's (PMP) candidate in the presidential elections Theodor Paleologu said in Timisoara on Saturday that none of the competitors can be certain, at the moment, that he/she will be the winner of the November poll, and the posters, no matter how big, "can't hide the fact that the emperor is naked." According to Paleologu, the race for the Cotroceni Presidential Palace will com

PMP's presidential candidate Paleologu: We have embassies without ambassadors for years; inadmissible

It's abnormal for Romania to have, for years, embassies without ambassadors, Theodor Paleologu, the People's Movement Party (PMP) candidate for the presidential elections, stated at a press conference in Iasi on Friday. "It's inadmissible for an embassy to not have ambassadors for more than two to three weeks.

Paleologu: Dancila, Iohannis have personal agendas in relation to elections; state of dissolution of authority at top of state

Theodor Paleologu, the candidate of the People's Movement Party (PMP) for the position of Romania's President, stated in a press conference on Sunday that Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and President Klaus Iohannis have "personal agendas" as far as the elections are concerned, and at the top of the state there is a state of "dissolution of authority." "What is very detrimental at the moment is

PMP National College: Theodor Paleologu, designated party's candidate for November's presidential elections

Bucharest, Aug 25 /Agerpres/ - Theodor Paleologu is the candidate of the People's Movement Party (PMP) in November's presidential elections, being voted unanimously on Sunday by the members of the party's National College, at the proposal of the honorary president of the PMP, MEP Traian Basescu. Also, Mihail Neamtu was validated as a spokesman for the party and the presidential campaign.

Basescu: Theodor Paleologu, proposed as PMP candidate for Romania's President

Bucharest, Aug 25 /Agerpres/ - Theodor Paleologu is the proposal for the presidential candidacy from the People's Movement Party (PMP), which the honorary PMP president, MEP Traian Basescu, made on Sunday at the National College of the party. Also, Basescu proposed Mihai Neamtu as the spokesperson for the party and the PMP's election campaign.