"Children should go to school and kindergarten, they are ideal carriers of the virus"

According to Dr Sekler, it can be noticed that "the virus has crossed two thirds of the way and that everything is on the right track for now".
Sekler told RTS that the winter period is generally the season of respiratory diseases, and he estimated that children should go to kindergartens and schools.

WHO: Europe is Probably on the Verge of an End to the Pandemic

The Omicron variant has moved the Covid pandemic into a new phase and is likely to bring it to an end in Europe, the World Health Organization's regional director for Europe said on Sunday.

"It is plausible that the region is moving towards the final phase of the pandemic," Hans Kluge told AFP, adding that Omicron could infect 60% of Europeans by March.

Europe could be headed for pandemic ‘endgame’: WHO

The Omicron variant has moved the COVID-19 pandemic into a new phase and could bring it to an end in Europe, the WHO Europe director has said.

"It's plausible that the region is moving towards a kind of pandemic endgame," Hans Kluge told AFP in an interview on Jan. 23, adding that Omicron could infect 60 percent of Europeans by March.

More than 16.000 newly infected, 30 people died

In the last 24 hours, 30 people died.
There are 113 patients on respirators.
In the last 24 hours, 34.817 samples were tested in Serbia.
There are 2.729 COVID patients in hospital, 35 more than in the previous update, and 113 people on respirators, four less than the data published yesterday. Mortality is currently 0.87 percent.

Bill Gates warns: Prepare for worse

The founder of Microsoft, called on rich countries to invest billions of dollars in the development of vaccines so that we can prepare for the next global epidemic.
Gates said that although the delta and omicron variants of COVID-19 are some of the most contagious viruses so far, the new one could be with a much higher mortality rate, writes the Financial Times, as "Blic" reports.

Bill Gates: The Coronavirus is a Flower against the Backdrop of Impending Pandemics

The world is facing pandemics that will be much worse than the coronavirus. That's what Microsoft founder Bill Gates said, urging governments to prepare and set aside billions to fight the next global epidemic.

Omicron and Delta are the most contagious viruses ever, Gates said, but the world will face more deadly and severe infections in the future.

Bulgarian Expert: We Expect a Double Epidemic - from Influenza and Coronavirus

"We expect a double epidemic in our country - from influenza and coronavirus. Maybe we will have a more severe flu season." Such a forecast was made in the studio of "Sabudi Se" on Nova TV by Georgi Popov, an expert on infectious diseases at Sofiamed University Hospital. According to him, the health system will withstand the pressure.