Undiscovered data on COVID-19 could have saved millions of lives: "World had to know"

However, the British magazine hid it, writes the "Daily Mail", referring to the book by the British scientist Jeremy Farrar, as "Sputnik" reports.
Farrar pointed out that they started drawing attention to the new virus in China at the end of 2019, when the first cases were registered in Wuhan.

Half of Europeans vaccinated as Germany warns on rising virus cases

More than half of all European adults are now fully vaccinated, the EU said on July 22, as countries across Europe and Asia battled fresh outbreaks blamed on the fast-spreading Delta variant.

The European Central Bank said uncertainty over the wave of infections meant it was keeping the cash taps open to ensure the nascent economic recovery isn't snuffed out.

China Opposed WHO Plan to Establish Origin of Covid-19

In July, the WHO offered to carry out a second phase of research in China, including a laboratory and market test in Wuhan.

"We will not accept such an origin research plan, because in some respects it does not take into account common sense and is contrary to science," Zen Jensin, deputy minister of the National Health Commission, told reporters.

Collective responsibility failed, endangering collective immunity in Serbia

Primarius Radmilo Petrovi, an epidemiologist, cannot enhance this projection with an estimate of the progression that will increase the number of newly infected, of which there were 145 on Tuesday, and whether we could have several hundred infected a day by the end of this month.

Why WHO will never reveal the origin of the virus? We need a team as for Chernobyl

Namely, numerous experts, many of whom are connected with the World Health Organization, believe that political tensions between the United States and China make that investigation impossible and that the answers they might come to would not be credible.

Turkey closes borders to 6 countries to guard against new COVID-19 strains

Turkey on June 28 announced that it suspended flights from six countries as part of measures against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In a circular issued by Turkish Interior Ministry, the country suspended flights from Bangladesh, Brazil, South Africa, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka as of July 1 and until further notice.