A politically sensitive visit? First a hospital, then a "famous" market

A team of experts should visit the Institute of Virology, and then the market, in addition to the hospital that first received patients with COVID, reports.
After leaving the fourteen-day quarantine, the team members visited the "Jinitan" hospital in Wuhan, the first institution that received patients suffering from, at that time, the mysterious virus.

Coronavirus Case Count Reached 95 Million Globally, Over 2 Million Died

The global number of confirmed coronavirus cases has crossed the 95 mln mark, according to data from the US-based Johns Hopkins University.

The overall number of cases has reached 95,003,533, as many as 2,029,938 patients have died.

The United States accounts for the majority of cases (23,928,643), followed by India (10,557,985) and Brazil (8,488,099).

They came across obstacles upon arrival; Who thought China would allow them anything?

The goal of the WHO team is to start an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus at the place where it first appeared at the end of 2019.
However, the team of scientists immediately encountered obstacles, which followed up on a series of allegedly Chinese sabotages because China, it seems, is trying to control the investigation, Jutarnji list writes.