Bulgarian Virologist: With SARS-CoV-2 Nature Shows Us We Have a Lot to Learn

Any information on the origin of the coronavirus causing Covid-19 that will be collected during the WHO mission in China will be valuable. Discovering the origin of a virus, we will be prepared for other risks of virus transmission from animals to humans, told BNR virologist Assoc. Prof. Lyubomira Nikolaeva-Glomb from the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases.

China logs first virus death in 8 months as WHO huddles on new strains

China recorded its first COVID-19 death in eight months on Jan. 14, as experts huddled to discuss worrying new strains of the coronavirus that are spreading rapidly around the globe.

The gathering in Geneva of the World Health Organization's emergency committee comes as their colleagues landed in Wuhan for a long-delayed mission to find the origins of the virus.

State of alert in Romania extended by 30 days from January 13

The Romanian government approved at a meeting on Tuesday extending by 30 days the state of alert in Romania from January 13. According to a governmental press statement, the decision on extending the state of alert and establishing measures to be applied during it to prevent and combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic was adopted as placed on the agenda of the government meeting.

China says WHO coronavirus experts to visit from Thursday

Ten World Health Organization scientists will visit China from Thursday to probe the origins of COVID-19, authorities said, more than a year after the pandemic began and amid accusations Beijing delayed the investigation.

The WHO team "will conduct joint research cooperation on the origins of covid 19 with Chinese scientists," the National Health Commission said in a statement.

Bulgarian Economy in a Pandemic - Construction and Industry Are Shrinking, Online Trade Is Boosting

According to preliminary adjusted data, retail trade in November contracted by 6.4% compared to a year earlier and increased by 1.2% compared to October, according to the National Statistical Institute.

On an annual basis, trade in food, beverages and tobacco products decreased the most - by 14.4%, and trade in automotive fuels and lubricants - by 15.8%.

Schools first

Whatever one thinks of the management of the coronavirus pandemic so far, whatever one's party affiliation dictates, everyone's goal should be the same: Of all the businesses and institutions whose activities have been suspended, the first to reopen must be schools, which represent a vital social need.

Everything else comes after.