Panos Kammenos

The cost of reality

History is littered with all manner of what-ifs, which remain unanswered and are only discussed by historians and armchair pundits.

I was thinking the other day how different things would have turned out for Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Greece if he had been wiser in his selection of coalition partners and government officials from the outset.

Soap opera and drama

"Matrozos," a poem by Georgios Stratigis which was the highlight of Friday's clash between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his former coalition partner Panos Kammenos during last night's Parliament debate ends with a tight embrace.

FYROM NATO accession protocol approved by Parl't committee

The accession protocol for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to join NATO under the new name North Macedonia was approved by a parliamentary committee on Thursday.

The protocol is to go the House plenary on Friday for debate followed by a vote which is expected to approve it, bringing FYROM one step closer to joining the alliance.