Canadian Prime Minister attends Greek Independence Day Parade in Montreal

Many Greeks attended the Greek Independence Day parade that took place in Montreal, Canada. Despite the cold, the students of Greek schools and members of Greek associations marched with great excitement and pride at Jean Talon avenue which was full of Greek flags.

Student wearing hijab steals the show in annual students parade (pics)

The annual students parade, ahead of the March 25 military parade for Greek Independence Day in Athens, ended shortly after 12 on Thursday.

Many students wearing their blue and white uniforms participated honoring the Greek War of Independence that began on March 25, 1821 and put an end to nearly 400 years of Ottoman rule.

Who is the rifle message addressed to?

I am not surprised at all because I was expecting it, because this was the tendency.

The president has ordered that this year?s Aug. 30 ceremonies be celebrated in a spectacular way. From what I understand, obeying the command of the chief commander, the general chief of staff began preparations for an official parade of soldiers carrying rifles.