Parliament of Singapore

North Macedonia MP Dispels ‘Kidnapping’ Claims

In North Macedonia's parliament on Monday, MP Kastriot Rexhepi said his absence from last Thursday's session, which aborted a planned vote of no confidence in the government had been his own decision. He had not been "kidnapped", as frustrated opposition lawmakers suggested. He had simply wanted to avoid unwarranted publicity.

Rok Svetlič elected Constitutional Court judge

Ljubljana – The National Assembly appointed Rok Svetlič a judge on the Constitutional Court for a nine-year term in a secret ballot on Wednesday. Svetlič received 46 votes, the minimum required to get appointed, after only 46 MPs in the 90-strong legislature picked up their ballots and all voted for him. The new judge has already been sworn in.

Home Policy Committee votes down motion for snap election

Ljubljana – The parliamentary Home Policy Committee voted down late on Friday evening a motion by the centre-left opposition calling for a snap election. The emergency session, which lasted for more than nine hours, discussed the situation in the country. The government finds the motion to be unwarranted.

Long-term care, de-bureaucratisation bills coming to plenary session

Ljubljana – The National Assembly is meeting for the October plenary session on Monday to debate at first reading an omnibus bill on de-bureaucratisation and a long-awaited long-term care bill. Changes to pharmacy legislation and to the law on police work and organisation are also on the MPs’ agenda.