During Pandemic Bulgarians Eat More Fruit and Less Bread and Sausages

During the pandemic caused by COVID-19, Bulgarians eat more fruits at the expense of bread, pasta, processed meat and sugar. This is according to the data from a survey on consumption of staple food products for the fourth quarter of 2020, provided by the National Statistical Institute, BGNES reported.

Greeks stocking up on antiseptic, rice and pasta

It appears Greek consumers will have rice and pasta in their pantries for several months to come, while supermarket data on the sale of flour suggests they are preparing to start baking their own bread. At the same time, sales of antiseptic tissues rose about eightfold in the week when the first coronavirus cases were reported in Greece, which explains the recent shortage.

Prices of goods in high demand being monitored

The price of surgical masks and other commodities that have come in high demand as a result of the coronavirus outbreak will be put under the scrutiny by the Competition Commission to prevent profiteering.
Apart from masks, the products being monitored, according to the watchdog, include disinfectants, long-life milk, rice and pasta.