Patission Street

Callas Gala | Athens | September 2

The Herod Atticus Theater will be hosting an opera gala on Monday, September 2, to help raise funds for the Maria Callas Academy Society, which hopes to purchase the building at 61 Patission Street in downtown Athens, where the Greek opera legend spent a part of her formative years from 1937 to 1945, and turn it into its headquarters.

Museum, polytechnic must be unified

The vision to unify the buildings and grounds of the National Archaeological Museum and the National Technical University of Athens on Patission Street is not a new one. 

Many past prime ministers, mayors, experts and journalists have voiced their support for the implementation of such a plan. 

Police to help crack down on crime on public transport

In a bid to curb a spate of public transport attacks and vandalism over the past few months, the Greek Police (ELAS) is to position officers at bus stops where vehicles have been targeted as well as beefing up security at metro stations in the capital and even intervening in instances of ticket inspectors facing harassment.

March marking Polytechnic anniversary underway in central Athens

A group of university students heading the annual march marking the anniversary of a bloody 1973 student uprising against the military dictatorship sang the national anthem outside the American Embassy in Athens on Saturday.

The students, carrying a blood-stained Greek flag, chanted slogans, then folded the flag and left.

Anarchists clash with police, burn flag in Exarchia

Police are seeking the self-styled anarchists who burned a Greek flag in the downtown neighborhood of Exarchia in the early hours of Saturday.

The incident occured shortly before 1 a.m. following clashes at the junction of Patission and Tositsa streets, where anarchists hurled firebombs at riot police vans.