Greek Archbishop rejects invite by Patriarch of Jerusalem

Greek Archbishop Ieronymos informed the Holy Synod on Friday that he has refused an invitation from Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem to attend a meeting of Orthodox leaders.
According to a statement issued by the Holy Synod, Ieronymos refused the invite because the calling of such meetings of Orthodox leaders is the sole privilege of the ecumenical patriarch based in Istanbul.

Montenegro’s Unjust Religion Law Has United Everyone Against it

Disapproval over this uncivilized piece of legislation that entered into parliamentary procedure few days ago has put a display of unprecedented unity into motion.

Negative attitudes towards the proposed law and its consequences have been expressed by Pope Francis, the Ecumenical Patriarch, the Russian Patriarch and the US Ambassador for Religious Freedom, Sam Brownback.

Pope in Romania/Patriarch Daniel: Our predecessors are calling us to defend, promote faith in Christ, Christian values

Both Pope John Paul II and Patriarch Teoctist used to be champions of the Christian faith and felt in their activity the help of Jesus Christ, on Friday said Daniel, the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, at his meeting with Pope Francis.

Canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church Says Not Taking Part in Autocephaly

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate told Sputnik that it does not take part in the efforts of Kiev's authorities and non-canonical Orthodox organizations to establish a single independent church in the country or the so-called Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, according to Sputnik.