Mobile Is the Most Popular Payment Method in Bulgaria

Across the world, digital payment methods are becoming increasingly widespread. Where once cash was king, consumers are now turning to methods that offer greater flexibility. They no longer want to have pockets full of change or make frequent trips to their nearest ATM; rather, they like to know they have constant access to their money at the click of a button.

STA management, staff say govt conduct defeat of rule of law

Ljubljana – The STA management and staff have described the government’s failure to transfer overdue public service payments as required by the latest economic stimulus act as a defeat of the rule of law, convinced that the decision to seek European Commission input over state aid rules as a delaying tactic meant to financially exhaust the agency.

Contactless payment in Turkey soars amid coronavirus fears

Contactless payments via credit and debit cards have soared across Turkey in February and March, the Interbank Card Center (BKM) chairperson has said.

Payments made by contactless cards and mobile payments constituted some 15 percent of all market or store shopping in February, some 10 percent higher than the rate in the same month of 2019, Soner Canko said.

Card payments leap higher in third quarter

Credit and debit card transaction turnover grew almost 15 percent over the third quarter of the year on an annual basis, banishing fears that the growth rate of online transactions might slow to below 10 percent in 2019.

Card transactions added up to 11.4 billion euros in July-September, up 14.6 percent or 1.4 billion euros from the third quarter of 2018.