Payment systems

The Limit for Contactless Payments without a PIN in Bulgaria will Become 50 BGN.

Cardholders for non-contact payments Mastercard and Maestro will now be able to cover up to leva 50 bills without entering a transaction approval PIN. The increase of the current limit of BGN 20 will come into force on April 12, the operator of these cards announced.

The Bulgarian Financial Technology Company Phyre Opens an Office in Romania

Bulgarian company phyre opens office in Romania, announced from there. The start-up offers a mobile phone payment service and a free transaction from one user to another through an application. phyre already has 25,000 active users in Bulgaria. The company has decided to expand its operations in Romania because of the similarity of the two markets.

Bulgarian Start-up, Created Last Year, has Attracted BGN 1 Million of Investment

The Bulgarian start-up company, Payhawk, has attracted investments of 1 million leva after a new round of financing. The financial technology company, which offers digital cost management solutions for small businesses has 9 different investors, reports

Two suspects questioned over ATM fraud ring

Police in Thessaloniki said on Thursday that they traced two suspected members of a ring believed to have tampered with nine ATMs which allowed them to steal people's card details, clone their cards and make multiple withdrawals from their accounts over the past two years.

The suspects, aged 33 and 41, are both foreign nationals, police said, without revealing further details.