Eco Fund reduces subsidies for electric vehicles

Ljubljana – The Eco Fund has reduced subsidies for electric vehicles in its latest tender published in the Official Gazette. The fund decided for the move because the overall volume of subsidies had been rising in recent years as the number of subsidised vehicles almost doubled each year while the price of vehicles has been dropping.

EU court awards Greece deferred farming subsidies

The European Union Court of Justice has ruled in favor of awarding a total of 435 million euros in farming subsidies to Greece after upholding Greek appeals against previous convictions that had led to the aid being withheld.

The court made two decisions, one issued on February 13 and another on April 30, in response to two appeals by Greece's State Legal Council.

German model to protect jobs

The government is pondering different schemes to tackle reduced employment that would see it subsidizing part of lost salaries or social security contributions, once the country enters the stage of a gradual return to a new kind of normalcy.

Bulgarian Parliament Accepts President’s Veto on the State of Emergency Measures Act

Bulgaria's Parliament on March 23 voted to approve the President's veto on the State of Emergency Measures Act. The law was passed on March 13 and provided for regulating the measures and actions during the month-long state of emergency introduced in connection with the coronavirus epidemic, BNT reported.

Fees bank can charge clients reduced

The range and the levels of fees and commissions that local banks can charge retail and commercial clients have been lowered, the Turkish Central Bank and the country's banking watchdog regulator (BDDK) have announced.

The measures will cut the various charges banks can charge financial consumers to 16 from 20, the BDDK said.