Penal system of Japan

Inmates produce rose cologne amid virus outbreak

Prison inmates in the Central Anatolian province of Isparta, famous for its rose, are producing 130 tons of rose cologne every month in the facility's cosmetic workshop.

Products from the workshop, which has been open for nearly two years, are sold all over Turkey, while convicts and detainees also earn income from production.

Three more prison escapes attempted

Police on Thursday were searching for an inmate from Kassandra rural prison in Halkidiki who failed to return from a morning work assignment earlier in the day. The 44-year-old Serbian national is serving time for robbery convictions.

Prison authorities notified the local police station, which in turn alerted border stations and airports to prevent the escapee from fleeing abroad.

Protest with red paint at Justice Ministry headquarters

Members of the #Rezist movement organised on Monday a protest at the Justice Ministry, throwing red paint on the stairs of the institution as a reaction to the release from prison of some violent inmates, through the compensatory remedy law.

On the stairs of the entrance of the Justice Ministry several knifes were also thrown, but also photos of Minister Tudorel Toader.