Pension fund

Assets managed by mandatory pension funds - up 18.4% at end-April

The total assets managed by the seven mandatory pension funds amounted to 61.87 billion lei at the end of April 2020, up by 18.4% compared to April 2019 and by 192.46% more than the value registered five years ago, according to an analysis made by the financial information platform about investment funds in Romania -

Vroutsis rebuffs report of Greek plan to sell off pension arrears

Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis has rebuffed a Reuters report that Greece plans to sell billions of euros of social security contributions owed to its EFKA pension fund to private investors to get cash upfront and facilitate recovering other receivables.
"There are no plans to sell 12 billion euros of legacy arrears, Vroutsis said in a statement issued Thursday.

OAED to help aged jobless to retire

A Labor Ministry circular paves the way for the issue of pensions for the long-term unemployed whose cases have been pending at the Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) since 2017. The circular clarifies that the favorable status of those workers, which dates to 2000, did not change with the passing of the Katrougalos law 2016, and remains in force.

Work underway to offer access to social security records

All employees will eventually be able to access their social security records online through a system called ATLAS or through the usual TXI system.

At present, only partial records can be found, including those insured with the IKA and OAEE pension funds since 1994 and farmers insured since 1998.

Who’s footing the bill?

Does anyone object to higher pensions? Such innocent-sounding cliches are nothing but a veil for policy that is purely self-serving.

In one of the recent amendments tabled by the government, National Bank will have to pay more than 200 million euros into its employees' auxiliary pension fund, a measure that will only benefit current pensioners.

World's Biggest Sovereign Fund Pleads to Save Oceans

AFP - Companies should be doing more to protect the world's oceans, including combatting plastic waste pollution, Norway's sovereign wealth fund, the world's biggest, said on Wednesday.

"The ocean is a vital part of the biosphere and an important part of the global economy," said Yngve Slyngstad, the head of the fund valued at 8.66 trillion kroner (890 billion euros, $1.03 trillion).