NSSI: BGN 974.05 Is the Average Insured Income for the Country in July 2019

The average social insured income for the country for July 2019 is BGN 974.05, the NSSI announced.

The average monthly insurance income for the country for the last year is 945,00 BGN.

The determined average monthly social security income for the country for the indicated period serves in calculating the amount of newly granted pensions in August this year.

PM Dancila, addressing pensioners: You will always have partner in Romania's government; insults don't scare us

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila reassured on Sunday the Social Democratic Party (PSD, major at rule, ed.n.) pensioners that the government she is leading will always support them, that it will be a partner for them, that there is money for pensions, and added that she is not scared of protests or insults belonging to some "who do not want Romania's good." "It is not a national day, it is not jus

Labour Minister Budai: Monday we begin paying new increased pensions

The payment of the new increased pension amounts will actually start on Monday, Labour Minister Marius Budai said in Mamaia on Saturday. "We have recalculated all pensions. The coupons are printed, the first payments to the Romanian Post have been done. Starting Monday, we actually begin the payment of the new pension amounts.

PM Dancila says budget revision, positive, secures wage pay, continuation of investment

The budget revision the Government is expected to pass today in a meeting is a positive one that will secure all the appropriations for the payment of salaries, pensions and social allowances, for the proper operation of all public institutions, as well as for the continuation of investment projects in priority areas, according to Prime Minister Viorica Dancila.

PM Dancila: This year's first budget rectification is positive

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Thursday, at the beginning of the Government meeting, that the first budget rectification of this year is positive, a rectification that ensures "increased payment of salaries and pensions and the continuation of the investment projects in priority areas." "We are discussing in the Government meeting today the first budget rectification this year.