Pension cuts from 2019 will amount to 14 percent

One million retirees can expect to see their monthly pension drop 14 percent in 2019 as a result of the agreement the government reached last year with the country's creditors regarding the so-called personal difference (the gap between the pension as calculated according to the old method and that using the new calculation system).

The clause that implicitly calls for tax evasion

Freelance professionals in Greece may declare as low an income as they wish in order to avoid paying taxes, solidarity levies and social security contributions. This year's tax statements showed that 89 percent of them declared annual takings below 7,000 euros. One might assume that declaring a very low income ought to entail lower pensions, but that is not the case.

Serbian Government to increase pensions and public sector wages

A five percent increase in pensions will be implemented in Serbia starting January 1, while public sector salaries will grow ten percent.

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic announced this on Saturday in the town of Krusevac, during a news conference held after her cabinet's session organized to mark its first 100 days in office.