Salaries approach pension level

Almost 1.5 million Greeks are trapped in a poverty spiral, with considerably low salaries and pensions, as state statistics reveal.

The crisis has left its indelible mark on the lives of workers, as almost one-third of workers in the private sector are in flexible forms of employment and have to survive on an average gross monthly salary of just 383 euros.

Workers pay 30 bln euros per year for 2.7 mln pensioners

The Greek pension system is the main reason Greece came to the brink of bankruptcy, as workers hand over 30 billion euros per year to the country's 2.7 million pensioners, with 700,000 of them being under 65 years old, University of Piraeus professor Miltiadis Nektarios told a Hellenic American College event last week.

Social security changes to affect Greek migrants

The planned amendment to the European Union directive on the coordination of member-states' social security systems is likely to result in reduced access to social handouts such as unemployment and housing benefits for hundreds of thousands of Greeks as well as millions of EU citizens who seek employment opportunities in another member-state.

The Cabinet Decides Whether to Grant Easter Supplements to Pensions

The Cabinet is expected to decide whether to extend Easter supplements to pensions.

Will the budget provide BGN 50 million for additional costs of the state social insurance, the Minister of Finance has to say.

Last year, the allowances of 40 leva were paid to just over 1.2 million pensioners with pensions under 314 leva.

Seniors queue to apply for wrongly withheld pension payments

Thousands of retirees, upon the recommendation of their lawyers and some media, have been queuing up at branches of the Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) and the auxiliary social security fund (ETEAEP), as well as the State General Accounting Office, to apply for the payment of cash amounts that have been wrongly withheld from their pensions.

New, lower auxiliary pensions issued

The single auxiliary social security fund (ETEAEP) on Friday paid out the first 1,500 auxiliary pensions calculated according to a 2016 law, resulting in their reduction by between 22 and 38 percent compared to previous pensions.

The waiting time at the fund, from the time of retirement to the first payment, exceeds two years.

PM Dancila: No pensioner in the public system will have a decreased pension

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila announced on Sunday at the private TV station Romania TV that she wants a draft law on pensions to be presented in Parliament by the end of this year and that, based on it, no pensioner in the public system will have a decreased pension.