MPs pass changes to pension legislation to remedy injustices

Ljubljana – The National Assembly has passed changes to pension legislation to remedy injustices done to persons who voluntarily continued to pay mandatory pension and disability insurance contributions despite being for instance unemployed after 1 January 2013, not being aware that this would not count towards their pensionable years.

"Great news for all citizens of Serbia"

She says that this is great news for all citizens of Serbia, because it means that salaries and pensions will grow.
"We will try to make it as much as possible so that our economy continues to grow," Brnabic said being hosted on TV Pink.
She stated that we also have new investments and added that she expects industrial production to be "raised" in our country.

Official statistics: Number of pensioners down by 24,000 in Q1, average pension income at 1,650 lei

Romania had an average number of 5.099 million retirees as of March 31, 2021, by 24,000 less compared to the previous quarter, and the average monthly pension was 1,650 lei, up 0.9 percent, the National Institute of Statistics (INS) reports on Monday. There was an average of 4.665 million retirees of the public social security system, down by 14,000 compared to the previous quarter.

Labor Minister: Time bomb ticking in Romanian pension system - deficit at 16.7 bln lei

Minister of Labor and Social Protection Raluca Turcan says that there is a "time bomb" ticking in the Romanian pension system, which is currently running a deficit of 16.7 billion lei, and that there is the risk that the purchasing power of the average pension will very much erode in the future. "There is a serious amount of disinformation circulating in the public space (...).

Deputy PM Barna: New pension law in the works to correlate retirement age with life expectancy

Deputy Prime Minister and USR PLUS Co-chairman Dan Barna said that a new pension law is in the works at the Labor Ministry, as the system requires certain changes in order to remain "sustainable" and cope with enhanced pressure as Romania's baby-boom generation born between the mid-60s and the early '70s is heading towards retirement age. "It is a firm commitment of the current coalition.

A ‘Greying’ Western Balkans Must Look to Robots

Those who remain are mainly younger retirees, or people waiting to retire, whose children have moved to Belgrade or abroad, ending the traditional system of inter-generational solidarity in family care. The youngest is 35 years old. Recently, the oldest dweller passed away at the age of 90; her carers at the end were also pensioners.

Central bank's official: 7 million Romanians waiting to invest billions of Euro in state listings

The argument "we are not selling this country for peanuts" will not hold, because we can actually buy it ourselves, there are 7 million Romanians who are waiting to invest billions of Euro in these state listings and here I am referring to the private pension funds, said, on Tuesday, in a specialty video-conference, Cristian Popa, Board member of the National Bank of Romania (BNR).