GSSC Avangarde poll finds 77 percent of Romanians want schools to reopen on February 8

More than three-quarters of Romanians consider schools should reopen on February 8, reveals a nationwide barometer poll conducted by the Avangarde Social and Behavioral Studies Group (GSSC). The poll found that 77 percent of Romanians believe that schools should reopen on February 8, 16 percent take an opposite view, and 7 percent do not know or didn't answer the question.

ATHEX: Bourse index climbs above 600-pt mark

Tuesday's trading session at Athinon Avenue, which closed without any news from the Eurogroup meeting, continued along Monday's growth path, taking the stock market's gains to 4.3 billion euros in capitalization terms from the start of the week as the benchmark has rebounded by almost 12.4 percent in total. This has been accompanied by a fresh decline in bond yields.

ATHEX: Credit sector helps bourse index higher

The flexibility that the credit sector has secured from the European Central Bank and the reserved optimism that the restriction measures in Greece are bearing fruit, amid more handout pledges by the government, saw the local stock market head higher on Monday in a relatively calm environment for global securities.