A question of degree

The general secretary at the Education Ministry, Anastasia Gika, recently signed a memo informing educators at Attica's primary and secondary schools and the region's high-schoolers about an conference being organized by the National Parents Association on "Modern Education and the Greek Orthodox Tradition." The memo from Gika, an educator herself, also served to tacitly urge educators and pupi

Ukrainian Villager’s Hospital Trip Becomes Russian Jail Nightmare

"There were three militants there who started asking me about the war. I said, 'I don't know anything about the war,'" Litvinov recalled.

"I said that I don't do politics, I don't need it. They offered me a drink, said 'Let's drink'."

Litvinov agreed to drink with the separatist fighters, but they decided that the cowherd seemed suspicious, and reported him.

CBS International and Cushman & Wakefield proclaimed the best in real estate market

CBS International triumphed in this year's selection as the most successful company in its segment, winning the first place in all four categories:
- Top Real Estate Advisor Overall
- Top Valuation Consultant
- Top Agency/Letting
- Top Research Consultant