University students to have online classes in event of sit-ins

The closure of universities as part of the first round of restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus earlier this month has prompted some Greek students to vote in favor of online classes in the event that faculties are forced to close again, for instance if minority groups decide to hold sit-ins.

Powder keg schools

Will anything change at the First High School of Vyronas in eastern Athens after a 17-year-old boy was viciously assaulted by six fellow students while defending his sister from bullies on the afternoon of February 10? The teenager ended up in hospital for taking a stand and demanding an explanation from the other boys as to why they were picking on his younger sister.

Kerameus condemns school attack, case opened

Education Minister Niki Kerameus yesterday condemned the attack on Monday on a teenager by fellow pupils at a high school in Vyronas, eastern Athens. 

"The Ministry of Education will be relentless toward such behavior," Kerameus said during a visit to the school. She said a team of psychologists and social workers would be sent to the school.