Persecution of Greeks

Countries with the most Greeks around the globe (map)

According to estimates by the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad (GSGA), over 5 million people of Greek origin are living in 140 countries around the globe. The US has the lion’s share of people of Greek descent living outside the geographical borders of the motherland, with approximately 3 million, while the European continent has 1 million (including the former Soviet states).

Families from Greece return to Turkey's Gökçeada after schools open

Fifteen families from Greece's Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete have moved back to the Turkish island of Gökçeada over the last two years, following the reopening of schools on the northwestern Aegean island, the Agos newspaper has reported. 

This year, 26 students are enrolled in the island's secondary school and high school, up from 11 in the first year after reopening. 

Greeks who fled Imbros, Turkey, return to escape crisis

A number of Greek families who had fled to Greece from the Turkish island of Gokceada, known to Greeks as Imbros, are now returning to their homeland to escape the economic crisis. Turkish Hurriyet Daily News states that the local Mayor Unal Cetin is congratulating returning Greeks for helping boost the economy with repatriated Greeks having started boutique hotels and other businesses.