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Hackers have a 4-day feast with Greek banking and credit cards

A double cyber attack on Greek banks has been taking place with precision over four days. A group of hackers has launched therats against the e-banking systems of three Greek banks seeking a ransom in bitcoin. Meanwhile, there are leaks of Greek debit and credit card data that  have been used for transactions with the United States in recent days.

Bulgarians 'Nabbed for ATM Skimming' in Philippines

Two Bulgarians have been arrested for allegedly skimming ATM devices in Makati city, Philippines, according to media reports.

Police detained Nikolay Angelov and Svetlin Hristov while "detaching a keypad overlay on an ATM on December 25," Christmas Day, at 18:00 local time, the website wrote on Friday.

Four Bulgarians Arrested in Canada For ATM Fraud

The Quebec provincial police arrested on Thursday four Canadian citizens of Bulgarian origin for alleged ATM fraud. 

Their names are Vassilina Dimitrova, 48, Borislav Petrov, 53, Iren Vasilev Atanasov, 42 and the alleged ringleader Martin Antonov Kuzov, 52.

The arrests took place near Montreal and Toronto. Four other suspects are still on the loose.