Petro Poroshenko

Western firms still in Russia weigh pros and cons of leaving

Should they stay or should they go now? Eighteen months after the start of the war in Ukraine, many Western companies in Russia are still assessing the pros and cons.

According to a count by the Yale University, around a hundred companies from the G7 nations are still operating in Russia, but the numbers appear to be dropping.

Bulgaria’s National Security Agency: Military Actions in Ukraine may also Spread into other Countries

"Military actions in Ukraine have the potential to spread beyond Ukrainian territory and the option of using weapons of mass destruction cannot be completely ruled out". This is according to a report of the State Agency "National Security" (SANS), published on the website of the Council of Ministers.

Zelensky's Party is the Big Winner of the Ukrainian Elections

The party of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is the great winner of yesterday's extraordinary parliamentary elections. According to the poll results, "Servant of the People" won 44.2% of the votes. But it is unclear whether it will be enough for the presidential party to run alone.

New President of Ukraine Confirmed Commitments to Open School with Advanced Study of Bulgarian Language

The new president of Ukraine, Volodomir Zelensky, has confirmed a commitment to open a school with advanced study of the Bulgarian language, Deputy Prime Minister Mariana Nikolova said during a regular government meeting, Focus News Agency reports.