Petro Poroshenko

Ukraine is Investigating Mikheil Saakashvili for Illegal Entry Into the Country

Ukraine has launched an investigation into former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili for illegal entry into the country, TASS reported.

Yesterday he illegally and forcefully crossed the Ukrainian-Polish border. According to the border police, 12 policemen and five border guards suffered in clashes with guards of Saakashvili.

Ukraine for the First Time by Law Defines Russia as an "Aggressor"

In a Donbass reintegration bill, Ukraine will for the first time declare Russia as an aggressor. President Petro Poroshenko's representative for relations with the parliament, Irina Lutsenko, announced last night on the Ukrainian TV "Fifth Channel" that the document refers to Art.

Blast near parade wounds 2 in Kyiv

Two people were hurt in a blast caused by an "unknown object" in central Kyiv on Aug. 24 as Ukraine celebrated Independence Day, officials said, suggesting it could be the work of hooligans.

The incident, which occurred as U.S. Defence Secretary Jim Mattis was visiting the country, occurred near the site of a military parade.

Leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany to talk Monday

The leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France will hold their latest round of telephone talks on July 24 to discuss the crisis in Ukraine, Kiev and Moscow said.

The talks - the first since Emmanuel Macron took office in France - come after the latest uptick in violence in the east of Ukraine.  

Petro Poroshenko: 'Ukraine Wants Membership Plan Talks'

Ukraine's president has asked for discussions to begin on an action plan that could eventually lead to membership of Nato, BBC reported.

Petro Poroshenko said the will of the Ukrainian people was to eventually join the Western military alliance.

Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said any decision on future membership would be up to the 29 alliance members.

Macron says France will not recognise Crimea 'annexation'

President Emmanuel Macron said Monday France refuses to recognise Russia's "annexation" of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, AFP reported.
Speaking after talks with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Paris, Macron said: "France is committed to Ukraine's sovereignty with its recognised borders."/FOCUS News Agency/