Pharmaceuticals policy

Bulgaria: Mayors Buy Medicines for Entire Villages as 1/3 of the Pharmacies in the Country are in just 3 Big Cities

Hundreds of residents of small settlements in Bulgaria continue to be without access to medicines.

According to data from the Executive Medicines Agency, by 2021 the number of pharmacies in our country was 3,300, with a third of them concentrated in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.

The Bulgarian Health Ministry will begin Sanctioning Drug Wholesalers due of the Shortage of Medicines

"There are serious gaps in the Specialized Electronic System for the Tracking and Analysis of Medicinal Products (SESPA) that compromise its data, including the ban list for the export of medicines of the Medicines Executive Agency (MEA)." This was found by "Information Service" after an audit ordered by the previous leadership of the Ministry of Health, announced the acting minister A

New Deliveries of Missing Antibiotics and Drugs are Expected this Week in Bulgaria

New supplies of antibiotics and antivirals, which are missing from pharmacies in Bulgaria, are expected this week. In the coming days, the measure announced by the Minister of Health last week, according to which doctors and pharmacists will have access to information about missing and available drugs in wholesale warehouses, should also work.

Pharmaceuticals agency issues warning about men ‘preparations’

The national pharmaceuticals agency EOF has warned that certain named "preparations" for men being sold on the internet without a license can "seriously endanger the health of consumers."

The agency named the products as "Epimedyumlu Bitkisel Karışımlı Macun" or "Epimedium Macun," which are sold as natural products in the form of jam or paste.