Fines for smoking violations to be increased this month

The government is currently drafting a joint ministerial decision ensuring stricter fines for violations of the anti-smoking law which will officially go into effect on November 19.
The fines currently in place were introduced a decade ago when the first anti-smoking legislation was passed into law and are not considered tough enough by authorities.

MPs to vote on new law clamping down on smoking in public areas

Lawmakers on Tuesday will be voting on the government's new law for clamping down on smoking in public, which also introduces stricter bans and stiffer fines than the previous, much-flouted legislation.

If the Health Ministry draft bill is ratified, as expected, the new law will go into effect the following day.

Fines and Prohibitions: What to Watch out for on the Beach!

Sweaty and almost naked - just in swimsuits - dune and park tourists annoy local residents of the resorts. Last year, in Gelendzhik, Russia, they created a computer game called "Golopuziki", where everyone can scam a naked tourist. Judging by the number of entries, over 70,000 virtual holidaymakers have been beaten.