Bulgarian Pharmacists Protest for a Second Day

Pharmacists are protesting for the second consecutive day. The dissatisfaction stems from a draft regulation proposed by the Ministry of Health, which aims to alter the dispensing of medicines under the Health Insurance Fund. This morning, pharmacy managers are anticipated to submit their one-month notices to terminate their contracts with the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).

Starting April 1st, Antibiotics Exclusively Prescribed with E-Prescriptions

Amidst a shift toward digital healthcare practices, a new regulation mandates that doctors prescribe antibiotics solely through electronic prescription starting today. Previously issued paper prescriptions for antibiotics remain valid for 30 days and can still be filled in pharmacies across the country.

Bulgaria's Ministry of Finance: 56 Heart Disease Medicines to Be Free Starting April

The Ministry of Finance has disclosed its affirmative stance on allocating resources for covering the entire cost of 56 drugs targeting cardiovascular diseases, such as those addressing hypertension, arrhythmia, and other frequently occurring chronic ailments. The co-payment will be lowered for more than 300 medications.

Watchdog warns against online-bought food supplements

The National Organization for Medicines (EOF) issued an advisory on Thursday instructing consumers to exercise caution when purchasing food supplements online, as they may contain dangerous substances.

Specifically, EOF warned against the use of Somatomax and Ecdisten, which contain growth hormones.